Youth Collapses After Consuming Country Liquor, Rushed to Hospital.

Arun Sakharam Shrinath who resides at Dhirajnagar Society in Gadodhara region of Limbayat suddenly collapsed after drinking a country liquor. Arun previously worked in Bharat gas agency and he has a 15-year-old son. He started drinking heavily after divorce. He divorced about 8 years ago and then he became a regular drinker. Last night he drank two “Potli” and then he collapsed on the floor. The reason was low sugar. He was immediately rushed to the hospital in 108 Ambulance service.
His mother said that even after the many “LATHAKANDS” in the city, there are still places where country liquor is easily obtained. Due to this, people like my son are addicted to this liquor and results in the termination of their life. It is to be noticed that even after so many “LATHAKANDS”, Police are allowing this type of Country Liquor store without any action.


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