Your Surat on top with highest number of bridges

Surat is first in the list with the highest 98 bridges with a bridge in every 2.88 kms.

At every 2.88 kilometers there is a bridge which is spread over the vast area of 326 square kilometers of Surat city. There will be total of 113 after 15 bridges which are under construction now. Thus, given an average rate of 2.88 kilometer bridge in the city. The highest bridge in Calcutta, the present, but it is twice the area of Surat.

Our flyovers have changed the face of urban India and paved the way to progress. They have enhanced the network of roads that criss-cross the city.

Surat municipal establishment of the audience got a new identity as the city of Bridge City now occupies a prominent position in the country as Diamond and Textile City will be completed on Saturday when 164 years. In 326 sq km area of the city have become 98 Bridge. While there will be a total of 113 different bridges in different areas over the next three years, infused with another 15 new bridges.

All roads, flyovers, etc are designed solely to accommodate the heaviest and tallest vehicle: the fully loaded truck, thus resulting in a gross over design for cars. The slab of a flyover is designed to withstand the 20 tonne weight, (dynamic load) of a fully loaded truck. This results in a slab with box girders that are about 2-3metres deep. Similarly the clear height of the flyover slab is based on the requisite 7-9metres clearance for a truck. The finished slab of the flyover is at +9-12metres. The slope of the flyover ramp is also calculated on the basis of a 1:20 gradient, on the basis of a truck. However, a slope of 1:10 would provide comfortable access for cars. The cost saving alone in the embankments would be considerable. Similarly, by factoring segregation of traffic into design for each aspect, there would be enormous design optimisation and concomitant cost saving.

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