Why dogs pee on tyres and poles?

Have anyone ever thought why dogs pee on tyres and poles?

Here what research says:-

Dogs like to have their ‘signature’ made on the largest, most visited poles and vehicles tyres in order to hope to see their ‘social status rank’ get boosted.

Tyres offer many advantages:

  • They are vertical, allowing dogs to mark them effectively
  • Tyres also travel a lot so they offer a pot-pourri of scents.
  • They also are at a dog’s nose height, making them perfect for the purpose of leaving behind pheromones.
  • Last but not least, scent seems to linger longer on such surfaces.

A Car is probably the only object in a Dog’s territory that moves in to other territories and gets claimed by other Dogs. Hence the need to reinforce the claim every now and then.

Very funny isn’t it?

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