If Anything happens, Who Would Take the Responsibility Of This Youth?

Surat Municipal Corporation spends crores of rupees for the works related City Development and also boast about their efforts towards Safety measurement. But the Image caught on the camera just depicts the opposite scenario. In the Adajan area of Surat, a municipal worker was seen painting the Street Light on the Makia Bridge without any safety belt. Could this incident be described as the Carelessness of MANPA or the helplessness of that Worker.


WhatsApp Image 2017-02-13 at 4.13.59 PM
This image is of a Bridge in Surat where you can see a youth is painting the Pole of street-Light and when you look closely you will see that the youth doing the painting is neither wearing any safety belt and without any safety precautions. On one side of the youth is Tapi river and on the other side is the heavy flow of traffic. A passerby caught this incident on camera and it is now viral on Social media. People are questioning the carelessness attitude of MANPA and asking that who would take the responsibility of that youth if something happens to him. Can this type of incident considered as the Negligence of MANPA or the helplessness of the youth.

See for yourself.







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