What is India’s national emergency number?

The idea of having a national emergency number was in the works for a long time. It will require active participation and enabling provisions from state governments if it needs to be turned into a success through widespread adoption.

112 will be the national emergency number in India, similar to the ‘911’ in the US and ‘999’ in the UK. The inter-ministerial Telecom Commission has given a go-ahead to the measure.

By converging one single number for all emergency requirements, callers would find it easier and more comfortable to call. Besides, as per a recent Govt. research, children and women are actually scared to call 100 for various reasons. This fear shall also go away with 112.

The number 112 was chosen due to a variety of reasons. 100, which is one of the widely known numbers for emergency, was not recommended as it is associated with police and several sections of society, especially women and children, may not wish to dial it.

While the US and Canada have 911, the UK has 999, New Zealand has 111, Australia has 000. In many countries across Europe, 112 is the primary number to deal with emergencies.

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