Virat Kohli’s video of his struggle

Virat Kohli shows his acting skills in an advert depicting his struggles.

n a new advert from Muve, Virat Kohli remembers the day he received the biggest shock of his life – the death of his father. From experiencing the emotional turmoil, to turning up to play for Delhi a day later, to now becoming the Indian captain, Kohli’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

But what we see on the cricket field is not all that Virat Kohli is. In order to perform at that level, Virat has put in hours at the gym training to be able to do that. He has spent hours in the nets, perfecting every shot and all he does on the field is a repeat that. He has fought battles, both physical and mental.

One of the greatest mental battles he ever fought was on the day his father died in the middle of a Ranji Trophy match against Karnataka. He still went on to bat the next day, even though he knew no one would have objected if he didn’t. Just 18-years-old then, he scored a crucial 90 and then went to attend his father’s funeral.

“The way I approached the game changed that day. I just had one thing in my mind – that I have to play for my country and live that dream for my dad,” Kohli said.

That day, and his struggle and his rise thereafter, is what he shows in this advert for MuveĀ Acoustics.

Watch the video here:

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