Today’s Horoscope.

Aries: There can be some mental agitation today if you are forced into a routine. Aim to get in better touch with your dreams and spiritual heart. Stay way from monetary transactions or that of land.

Taurus: This can be a day of illumination, dear Taurus, with Neptune aligned with the Sun. For some, it can be a time of illusion, however. As they come together in your solar eleventh house, the Sun and Neptune may awaken yearnings for kinship, friendship, and involvement on the soul level.

Gemini: The Sun and Neptune come together today at the top of your solar chart, inspiring you to dream big and illuminating your loftier goals, dreams, and ideals. The day favors fantasy and imagination, but not necessarily precision. Spiritual longing or elements of your goals or career that fail to satisfy may be magnified today.

Cancer: It may take longer to arrive at an answer, but the results will be so much better if you take your time. Your fantasies of escaping, getting away, or enjoying more exotic experiences are in focus today. Meandering away from your usual routine can lead to valuable insights and interesting experiences. For some, money ideas or money itself can emerge in unusual ways.

Leo: You may be excited about trying out new theories or breaking new ground, dear Leo, but you need to avoid skipping steps in your haste. As well, you may feel unnecessarily tense if you push yourself now. Your ruler, the Sun, moves into an annual alignment with Neptune today, illuminating your more idealistic yearnings and spiritual needs, particularly related to relationships.

Virgo: You can be excited about new plans and experiences now, dear Virgo, but avoid pushing too hard. You are easily distracted from your priorities and may end up chasing the wrong things and missing deadlines. Avoid hasty communications and decisions now. The Sun and Neptune meet in your partnership sector today, and your magnetic powers are strong, but not necessarily discriminating. You can magnetize people and situations to you that are draining and complicated.

Libra: There can be impatience in your communications today, dear Libra, or you could find others skipping steps, and this affects you, leaving you in a rather harried state of mind. Try to wind your thoughts down today so that you can tune into the messages of a Sun-Neptune alignment. This yearly influence has been occurring in your work and health sector for many years now, and it can be a time for awakening to a need to incorporate more of your spiritual or emotional needs into the work you do and the habits or routines you have in place.

Scorpio: You are likely to feel especially impatient with dull thinking and routine matters today and tomorrow, dear Scorpio. However, you may want to avoid quick reactions and decisions just for now as you may not be seeing the whole story. A Sun-Neptune alignment occurs in your creative sector, however, and this can help calm you down, although it can also magnify feelings of longing if you’ve been neglecting your spiritual needs, which you see quite suddenly and dramatically now. Even so, it can be a fabulous time for imagination, creative expression, and romance for some of you.

Sagittarius: It may be all too easy to become riled up on a mental level today, dear Sagittarius, particularly with Mercury in challenging aspect to your ruler, Jupiter. While you are seeking mental stimulation, you may be impatient to get an answer or you might be procrastinating when it comes to your priorities. It’s particularly appropriate to allow extra time for rest and relaxation with the Sun and Moon coming together at the bottom of your solar chart today. This annual influence can stir up longings as you see what you may be missing on a spiritual or emotional level.

Capricorn: Don’t fall prey to the idea that you need to speed up in order to enjoy life more, dear Capricorn. This can lead to errors and regrets. In fact, a Sun-Neptune alignment can help you tune into different priorities that involve slowing down. It’s a powerful time for truly seeing and acknowledging your spiritual needs and dreams. Your need for more color, imagination, and sensitivity in your life comes into sharp focus now, while other requirements and duties blur.

Aquarius: With Mercury in challenging aspect to your ruler, Uranus, you have a strong need for new ideas and fresh methods or approaches, dear Aquarius, making routine seem particularly dull. However, you have a tendency to become tense too quickly or to speak too soon and abruptly under this configuration, and it’s a good idea to keep these things in check. However, the Sun forms its annual conjunction with Neptune today, and this is a tension diffuser. In fact, as things slow down, you begin to look at your life from a different perspective, questioning the things you automatically assume are priorities.

Pisces: This may not be the most productive day, dear Pisces, but it’s likely to pump you up on an inspirational level. This is a time for reconnecting with your dreams. You can be excited about plans, but you may overlook details and make errors if you rush through. Try to avoid excessive mental stimulation. However, your personal appeal is strong now with the Sun and Neptune, your ruler, coming together in your sign. As well, you’re coming off a Solar Eclipse in your sign, and you’re standing out.



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