“Time is Ripe to Protest Again.”, Prashant Bhushan in Surat

The injustices to Tribal people and for issues like Civil Rights, Prashant Bhushan visited the Surat City. During his interaction, he alleged state government of interfering in the works of Lokayukta and other injustice done to the people who protest for their rights. He talked about Hardik Patel and also about Kejriwal.
He said that corruption and injustice are on the rise in the state. People demanding reservation are not treated well and also about some instance of lathi charge. The water is supplied to industries rather than the farmers. He also accused PM that during his tenure many corruption cases occurred. But after the BJP came to power in the center that cases were closed. Moreover, he discussed demonetization and how Kejriwal failed to explain it. He also said that in CBI, Asthana was made Joint director without any experience. He also said that Lokayuktas are not allowed to work properly, so the time is ripe for protest.


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