This is not a joke, Mumbaikar charged Rs 149 crore for Ola ride

Mumbai: This is neither a joke nor an April Fools Day prank. But for Mumbaikar Sushil Narsian it was a big hole in his pocket. He had hired an Ola cab and was charged astronomical amount of Rs 149 crore, according to

Here is a narrative that unfolds what exactly transpired on the fateful day.

On April 1, Narsian booked an Ola cab from his home in Mulund West to Vakola Market. Under ordinary circumstances, the trip would have cost him somewhere between Rs 200-250.

But, he was shocked to see a Rs 149 crore charge for a trip that he even did not embark on.

Narsian was allotted a cab. But what happened next, it could be said, was directly from heavens. The cabbie’s mobile phone conked off and he could not locate Narsian using Google Maps.

When Narisan scrolled through his mobile phone to check driver’s location he found it was static. He decided to walk up to the place where driver’s place had been pinpointed, and to his surprise driver the cab was nowhere to be seen.

Narsian then found out that the ride was cancelled by the driver himself some time back. The 22 km journey turned out to be a nuisance for this unluck Ola rider. And, it was also unclear whether Ola had played a prank on him as it was April 1.

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