This Awesome Candy In India Hits A Record

Pulse Candy Is Taking India By Storm. This Awesome Candy hits A Record Rs 100 Crore In Just 8 Months! Don’t tell me that you haven’t had it yet?

The new Pulse, a raw mango-flavoured awesome candy with a tangy inside has won hearts everywhere in the country. It costs Rs.1, but the supply is so low and demand so high that roadside soaps stocking it are demanding and getting an extra 50 paise per piece.

In case you are living in a cave and busy savouring American candies, you need to come out of there and grab the Dharampal Satyapal (DS) Group’s Pulse candy which has set the whole country’s pulse racing. We are not exaggerating!

DS Group which manufactures this awesome Candy reached Rs 100 crore within just eight months of its launch, its maker said, equalling the record of Coca-Cola’s diet drink Coke Zero, reported Economic Times.

Such is the tanginess of this candy that people are buying the candy in bulk. And the candy is setting new parameters and standards for the new entrants in market. But the awesome part is that Pulse has done hardly any marketing, the whole boost in demand is due to word of mouth publicity.

Noida-based DS Group had launched the candy in just three states—Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi—in April in a test-marketing drive and now it has managed to break records. According to A.C. Nielsen, Hyderabad ranks number two as a consumer city for hard boiled candy and south India is the second biggest market after the north with a contribution of around 26 percent. The Rs.6,500-crore group’s confectionery division, which operates under the ‘Pass Pass’ mother brand, currently has three products – Pass Pass, Chingles and Pulse.

Is it just me or do you also feel overwhelmed when the Pulse candy dissolves completely in your mouth?

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