Tata Megapixel: Car with 100 KMPL Fuel Economy

Tata motors is about to launch its “MEGA PIXEL”- a car with 100 kmpl fuel economy in Indian market. Company was working since long to economies the fuel cost with attractive and advance feature delivery. Tata motor is planning to launch it in January 2016 to Indian market. According to sources, you don’t need to fill fuel once you full its tank.

It also has something like ‘Zero Turn’ drive system of the Tata Megapixel (shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show) . The car’s electric drive has four independent electric motors, one at each wheel so that when parking, the electric hub motors drive the wheels in opposite directions, while the front wheels are turned at an acute angle, which gives it a  2.8 metre turning radius. You can also charge at home with the at-home charging system . The car has simply to be parked over the induction pad for charging to begin. Tata Mega pixel is the concept car first presented  in Geneva Motor Show for the Middle Class people. They are planning to targeting it in 5-7 Lakh Rupees car segment.

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