Surties – Live Broadcast of PM’s journey in SURAT

India’s Hon’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to visit Surat on 16th & 17th of April. And entire Surat is into the mood of Modi Fest. As soon as Narendra Modi lands at Surat airport, His will pass through From Surat airport to Circuit house. People here surat are very excited about his tour from Airport to Circuit House. To make this visit more successful, Live Streaming has been organised. And there is Team of 4 People who will take of the live Stream so that all tge people from Surat Can enjoy it straightaway from their Devices. The live streaming will be available on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
Mayur Chopra From the Grove Live Media told the media that his company has a network of 30 countries and 110 cities in the world. He will do live programs from the airport to the circuit house during the visit of Surat. The live will be broadcast on Web, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and facebook by the new technology, called, Live Cloud Broadcast.
Sarvesh Singh from R K Infra said that upto 7.1 km dark fiber cable are crushed into underground to make program live. In this, The 60 people are working in the program for 4 days and nights. The program will be broadcast with more than 100 MBPS speed via the airlink Internet.

The video team of NAMO said that we have arranged 6 high profile camera with 28 camera on different-different tower for security purpose. Will be telecast live with all the modern equipment. For that, we have raised 2 control room. And assigned responsibility to 40 people for live monitoring. 90 Cameramen has been assigned for Live. Live will also be broadcasting from the high-rise building. Steel photographer has been arranged.

SURTIES said DPI of 1080 on F. B, Twitter and instragrama and upto 50 MBPS millions of people can come to see live program of modi saheb. Which Will cover all the platforms of Surties.

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