Surties Come Out To Fund IIT Education of Daily Wager’s Sons

The diamond city has come out to help the daily wager from Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh whose two sons have cracked the IIT entrance exams. Dharamraj Saroj is presently camping in Rehua Lalganj village trying to garner resources to pay the fees of Raju and Brijesh.

Dharamraj Saroj, a daily wage earner, works in Surat in a mill. He hardly get ends meet with his meagre salary. Despite the impoverishment, his two sons cracked tough IIT entrance test with flying colours. One securing rank 167 and the other 410.

If his sons pass through IIT, their money problem will end for generation to come. But what to do with course fee. Dhraramraj doesn’t have Rs 1 lakh to fund the education of his sons.

Helpful Surties formed an informal group under municipal commissioner Milind Torwane to help Dharamraj and others like him whose children need money to study in premier institutions. The group has started making arrangements to fund 100 such needy students. A leading industrialist has announced to send the required money to Dharamraj through a cheque on getting his bank account number.

Torwane, the ex-officio chairman of this informal group said, “It is our duty to help such talent in the country for its future development. We should take care that such bright talent is not wasted.”

He further said, “Essentially we would like to function as a bank wherein our group members would individually take care of such needy students after they have been identified. We would take care of not only their present requirements but their entire higher education.”

Dharamraj works in a power loom in Gandhi Estate in Bathena in Surat. His eldest son Rajesh is pursuing graduation at Allahabad University.

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