Surti boy won bronze in Mental world championship

As we have already let you know that our Surti boy-Mihir Shah is only to represent India in a mental world championship in Germany(JMCW- Junior Mathematical Calculation WorldCup). And he has again made us feel proud on his ability by bagging bronze not only for Surat but for India too in such  a wonderful International Mathematical competition.Surat has booked another glory to its name; But this time a contributor is only a eleven year old kid- Mihir Shah.

Calculator Boy from Parle-point studies in Std. 6th. But You cant judge his ability by his age; if you do then he is gonna prove you wrong. The awards which he has achieved  proves his ability. He is so sharp with numbers that he can play with any Number within a fraction of time. Such a wonderful God Gift made him to book many records like Limca Book of Records, Asia Book of records, Unique Book of Records and many more. He has participate in 8-11 competitions among 20 participants for JMCW in Germany and won bronze by scoring 1,312 points in 9-11 years category.  A boy from Lebanon won the gold, while boy from Dubai bagged the silver medal.

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