Surat’s Dhanveer Looks Same to Virat Kohli

The World Has witnessed the glory and aggression of Star Indian Cricketer VIRAT KOHLI. We all are aware about his on the ground and off the ground personality. His relationship with ANUSHKA SHARMA nowadays talk of the town in India. We all witnessed their first Red Carpet Appearance in  VOUGUE BEAUTY AWARD recently.

Apart from all; We found that Surat’s Dhanveer looks same to Virat Kohli. It will be difficult for you to identify Original Virat Kohli when both of them are together. And interestingly Dhanveer  Chalodiya don’t have much Interest in cricket. He enjoys it when people ask for his Autograph. Dhanveer is An M.B.A  and B.E  Mechanical Engineer. He runs a Section Window business which holds Top position In Gujarat.

DhanVeer and Virat has  so many things in common like Both are fan of luxurious car, their Personality, height and style. You wont belive but even their Birth Dates are near to each other(4th Nov- Dhan Veer and 5th Nov-Virat Kohli).

















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