Surat Tapi Valley school held the graduation ceremony


Tapi Valley International School was held in one of the most successful and historic year by the closing ceremony. During the year, students have the academic, achieved the best performance in sports and other activities. Tapi Valley International School is the top school received awards in two different categories, which breinaphida and digital ielaitiesa. The three categories for the current school year, the school has received top awards from Awards for Gujarat.

Enatiesai test, German A1 and A2 level exam, olampiyadsa, an elite, Dimension Marketing fest and various inter-school academic and co-karikyulara competition and competitions proud school by the best performing students sense that the school on 24 March, 69 students and Tapi Kids 17 students have successfully enrolled in grade 1 by yukeji pass, the student The first step is to skulinganum primary beneficiaries.

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