Surat RPO To Organise First Passport Adalat on July 8

The regional passport office (RPO) has organised its first ‘passport adalat’ to clear several pending case related to passport on July 8.

It is observed that there are several cases pending for clearance in the Passport office for more than One year. Most of these cases require additional information or documents to be provided by the applicant for taking a final decision in the case.

Sources said that applicants will be called on a particular date and there cases will be decided by passport officer based on the available documents and submission of applicants. In case the applicants do not turn-up, the cases will be decided in their absence.

The cases of the applications who went abroad and travelled to India on Emergency Certificate (EC) due to lost passport, overstay, invalid travel documents or some other reasons will be taken up at the passport adalat.

“We have identified the cases and that the applicants have been informed to appear in person in the adalat on July 8” said passport officer, Kumar Nityanand.

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