Huge crowd at Surat railway station for SRK’s

Shahrukh khan made a trip to Delhi from Mumbai in August Kranti train. Shahrukh khan was standing at the door when they arrived at Surat railway station. To see Shahrukh khan, Surties swarmed the railway station and berserk when the train halted for two minutes to click the photo.


Shahrukh Khan is elated at the success of his promotional event for his upcoming film Raees at railway stations across Gujarat. But not all his fans are happy, many people are protesting against the movie. On the other hand, the film also saw an increase in the SRK’s Friends.August Kranti train had arrived late Monday evening protruding from Surat to Delhi. In the special coach of the train, SRK was also traveling.


He had reached the door of the train at Surat have been made to captivate his fans.However, they get a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan’s pressing complies.However, some have expressed opposition to the station with posters of  Raees film. Shortly after the train left, the crowds rushed towards the exit.

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