Surat Judges Colony fight : Atrocities issued in support of the society descended on guard


parking issue Colony judges were clashes between the husband and the woman judge, constable-guard. In this case, both complained fuller. When the husband female judge in front of the guard was arrested entering Atrocities complaint. Kathi was dropped on the road in support of the society, so the guards. And Atrocities were opposed to the application being filed false complaints to the police commissioner.

Falsely accused conned

Judges Colony and female judge serving dilubhai sandasura dularena husband was scraped parking issue on 27 March between the Pacific. The cases were face to face. When the woman constable was dilubhaini Atrocities complaint filed by the judge’s husband had been arrested. Kathi did so on the road in support of the opposition demonstration descended kosantebalana by the forces of society in the sun. And was given a memorandum to the police commissioner on Wednesday morning. Which clearly Atrocities were opposed. And stated that, at the beginning did not know how dilubhai thamani name Atrocities were not only know how to think. Which was written that have to trap by pushing in this way by the judge. So the sun forces sought to investigate the conspiracy.

Constables arrested after they were landed on the road

Constable kathi society people were arrested dilubhaini its support. And modiratre registered the report on the road incident Northern opposition. Sun Army people, including a large number of youths descended on the road in support of the constable.

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