Surat IDT Students Design Turned old T-shirts Into Trendy ones..!!

For the designing students, it was a perfect way to create ‘best out of waste’. The students of the city-based institute of design and technology (IDT) participated in a creative workshop to recycle old t-shirts into new and trendy looking ones.

The main objective of the whole workshop was to make fashion designing students understand that they can make something out of nothing as they always have materials around them.

The project was undertaken by using t-shirts, old or new, big or small, as long as cotton is the main fabric involved. The students, with their creative minds and skills, carved out unique patterns from the old t-shirts, to flaunt.

Students recycled t-shirts by using artwork of cutwork, knotting, patching, sliting, draping. The students developed the knowledge of back designs, butterfly bow, geometrical shapes etc.

The successful completion of the workshop and the innovative things that emerged through this workshop showed how the community can use the resources provided to them and help the environment in return.


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