Surat builds the eighth home with a heart!

Surties have always come across as generous people. And this time, Lt. Shaileshbhai Gotlawala family from Surat has proved this beyond any doubt. After being declared brain dead by the doctors, the team from  Donate Life stepped in and convinced Shaileshbhai’s wife and other family members to donate his organs to someone in need, thereby gifting them a second chance at life.
The organ donation process kick started with the arrival of the chief cardiac surgeon Dr. Anvay Mule and his team from Fortis Hospital, Mumbai. Shaileshbhai’s heart was transplanted to a 36 year old male – Vithal Jadav, from Pune, who was reported to be in a critical condition, since he needed a new heart within 10 days.

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Surat city police did a commendable job by creating a GREEN CORRIDOR to transport the heart from Burhani hospital, where the donor Lt. Shaileshbhai Gotlawala, was admitted, to Surat airport. It took merely 17 minutes for the transportation process. A helicopter was already waiting for the team of doctors at the airport. In a matter of 131 minutes, the heart transplant was successfully carried out.
The kidneys and liver were also donated to the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center (IKDRC), Ahmedabad.
This was the eighth successful heart transplant carried out between Surat and Maharashtra, within the last 14 months.
Kudos to the bravery and generosity of Surties!


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