Surat: Dimolesan fight in dindoli, merchants have attempted self immolation

Surat: in Udhna area kasinagara Society had been a fight for traders from attempting self immolation dimolesanane Sai dedication to the society. Demolition with municipal officials came to the police staff. Fell against the merchants coming to stores in the build residansiyala plot. And the merchants

was attempting self immolation sprayed kerosene. So the police were diteina traders.

Traders blamed the alleged

The dedication was made resindesiyala lots of shops on the corner of society. From whom they had refused requests civic body. And if we do not the shops said they will self-effacement.

Traders have attempted self immolation

Police were merchants akalaya in front of the municipal team Demolition, with the convoy. And we will be grieving his past gives traders said and warned that, if the applicants after babala with self-effacement, and officials with the police. The call was attempted self immolation poured kerosene on the body.

Police diteina having shoppers

Police sprinkled kerosene on the body rather than attempting self immolation cases were diteina dukanadaroe garamata and all traders. On the other hand garamata Demolition cases had been paused.

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