Surat Airport will become an international level: starting an airline SpiceJet

Surat:  State Aviation Minister Sinha had janyata SpiceJet Airlines began service to Surat airport. He said that a variety of advertising, Surat airport will be built an international standard airport. Surationi international flight service will also be provided with the same several times, according to the demand.
 Starting Spice Jet Flight
Surat had been closed over the past two years, SpiceJet flights between Delhi. The Heat started again bephela Delhi SpiceJet Service in Surat today. Water Cannon, which was welcomed SpiceJet flight to Surat airport.
Jayant Sinha announced
The Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation said Jayanthi Sinha announced on various surationi want to, Surat class will be created International Airport. With the cargo terminal will be starting to work. Along with the increase in domestic flights.

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