Suniel Shetty In Surat, Praises Modi And Kohli.

Vineyar Point, A mega showroom of Interior Decoratives located on the Bhatar road in Surat was inaugurated by Famous Bollywood Celebrity, Suniel Shetty. A Crowd gathered in front of the Showroom who were curious to just have a glimpse of Actor. However Suniel Shetty didn’t disappoint them, he cheered his fans with Gujarati Dialogues.
He also spoke about the elections which are ongoing or about to come in about 5 states. He said that state and center should have some big & same political party. The general public suffers when there are different parties in different states. In UP, the government should belong to a majority and no alliance can survive longer time. He also said that the Modi government has done well in past two and a half years. People should give him some time, everything can’t happen in an instant way. It takes some time to overcome the debt. He also talked about cricket and number one player Kohli. If he is compared to Don Bradman then nothing is wrong in that. First, we watched cricket in fear of losing, nowadays we are relieved when Kohli enters the ground.
The Famous Actor had many such conversations with his fans.



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