Suddenly An SUV Caught Fire, Driver Locked in the Car.

An SUV car suddenly caught fire while running on the BRTS route in VED Dabholi. A huge uproar was seen among the people passing by the Incident. The driver of the SUV was shocked when the engine got locked after it caught fire. But after he somehow managed to come out of the car by breaking the window glass. SUV was burned to flame very quickly.

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The incident occurred during Sunday night. The driver was lucky that with the help of his quick thinking he was able to think it through. He survived the incident by breaking down the glass window and coming out of it. But after that, he ran away because of the fear due to the incident.
Fire officials said that the incident occurred around 10:00 clock during Sunday night. After receiving the call, a team of fire officers arrived at the incident site. But any effort done to extinguish the fire on the SUV failed because SUV burned down rapidly.



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