Sting Operation in Surat

For meeting with an Urban Development Authority, you have to give Activa moped to me as a gift and takes 50 thousand rupees as a bribe caught in the camera got viral on social networks. The bribe was taken for the construction work in Navagam Dindoli society. The person caught in the video was identified as a Clerk from Limbiyat zone office.

One people from the society said that a margin space near Mahadev Nagar society was sold out by the builder. Then after the resident of society filed a complaint against construction work in the margin space. With the help of Clerk, the builder gets the permission for the construction. For this help Clerk also get some money as a bribe. One of the society members do sting operation of this meeting and make a video. The Clerk also said that he can arrange a meeting with junior engineer Yogesh Patel in the video.


In the video, Clerk talking to arrange a meeting with Yogesh Patel for this he needs Activa as a gift. The meeting was carried out at Clerk friend house. At present clerk is serve in an Athwa zone and junior engineer Yogesh Patel was serve in Varcha zone.

Some dialog from the viral video

– You will get Yogeshbhai at 5.00 pm then we will go for the measurement.

–  He his a millionaire and you talk about 5o Rs thousand only.

– We can talk in front of  Yogesh Bhai also.

– First, construct Compound wall then we can measure ground floor.

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