Coming from navsari to surat an ST BUS was set by fire by notorious people. Also the secene was very serious. Where the bus was totally damaged by fire and it was a heavy loss for the government. On knowing the incident,the staff from police station along with joint police commisoner, DCP, ACP and other authorities also reach at the place and taken the investigation ahead.

Meanwhile,  before the police officers reach there the people who damaged the bus ran away from the place.The event was to be near Surat pandesara bhedavada. The ST bus had been passing through the toll plaza near navsari bhedwada at seven o’clock in the evening. About the people who took hostages mob of settlers during buses, after that out of twenty-five passengers of the bus damaged it and  set on fire. On hearing this incident the huge force of police rushed to that place and informed the fire station.

Fire station spread the running water and foam and control the situation. This phenomenon causes  Joint Commissioner of Police,SG BHATI, DCP MS BHABOR along with four police stations and the police searched the entire area, including the police also conducted a large caravan headed.

Giving out the information of the inciedence MS bhabor informed that this inciedenct took place in pandesara.Where some mob had set fire to the ST bus, with the slogan of Jai Bhim. The event was manned rescue passengers.

Dobaba Saheb Ambedkar statue on the killing blow by some instigators and on  Surat Social media it has become a viral video. Which in this case is believed to have sell.


Suravindara Singh (Eyewitness esaticalaka)

On the other hand, if the event causes GSRTC officers were also at the hurried to report the incident. The overall case-by GSRTC take hostages to government property, as well as a complaint against the police station pandesara unruly crowds of buses for loss.

Officials said that when the bus is right, just two months on the road. Loss of approximately twenty-five million heavy loss has been done.

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