Something About Surat Public Transportation

Surat is going to be smart city in near future but the bitter truth is that in last 8 years our Municipal is manage to set up only 15%  area of city for the mass transportation which leads to bear Financial loss of 221 Cr. every year.

According to the census – 2011, population of Surat is 44.61 lakhs which is now expected to crossed over 55 lakhs. As per the national standard for Mass transportation there should be 50 buses per 1 Lakh population. Which means for 55 lakh population Surat need 2750 buses against which we have only 119 (24 BRTS & 95 City Buses). Municipal has planned for more 750 buses within three years which again not going to match the National Standards for mass transportation. Thus the shortage of buses leads traffic problems in City. Again further increase in population in coming three years which will again increase the need of  Surat Public Transportation.

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