Something About Surat Food Stalls

Surat is also known for its eatery along with textile and Diamond. You wont believe but every time you will find something new delicious on streets.  Various Food Stalls serves Surat a delicious food like locho, Rasawala khaman,Chinese etc.

There is an old saying ‘Surat nu jaman, ane Kashi nu maran’ (Life is blessed when one eats in Surat and dies in Kashi) for the ultimate experience of the soul. Surat is known for its ‘larri culture’ since decades and the food stalls have been here for years. Lets know something about Surat Food Stalls.

As per an estimate, the city has more than 8,000 food stalls serving hot vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Around 45% of food stalls offer Chinese food, while the rest serve clients eggs and non-vegetarian food varieties.

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