Something about Surat Auto Rickshaws

We have brought something about Surat Auto Rickshaws that will make you astonishing.

According to Surat Regional Transport Office (RTO) there is a astonishing increase in Surat Auto-Rickshaws with increase of 54% compared to the last year. And surprisingly, between April to August 1500 Auto-Rickshaws have registered. Data by RTO indicates us that there is urgent need for increasing city buses and transport systems.

According to Surat City Auto-Rickshaw Federation leader Irfan Kapadia, Around one lakh families depend on rickshaws, which is the cheapest mode of transport at present.

A rickshaw driver in the Surat earns an average of Rs 350 every day. Considering this, Surties spend Rs three crore nearly on rickshaws daily and Rs 1,200 crore every year.

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