Something About SMC Running Primary Schools

We have shared something about Surat Auto Rickshaws and Surat Public Transportation. let have some look on SMC Running Primary Schools.

Indian government has a vision of “Education For All.” And so that the Surat Municipal Corporation’s (SMC) has formed  Nagar Prathamik Shikshan Samiti (NPSS) to take care of primary education in Surat. Atul Patel is the chairman of the NPSS.

NPSS is samiti that look after primary  schools under  them and their according requirements in Surat. NPSS has 328 primary schools under them.  1.6 lakh students are Studying in 328 Schools and just around 4,000 teachers to serve them.

NPSS continuously works to Improve education System in Surat.There are mainly English, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya and Urdu medium Schools. Recently it is noted that these schools are facing Shortage of Teachers mainly in Oriya, Urdu and Marathi medium schools.

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