SMC planning mixed lane feasibility survey for BRTS

Officials of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has decided to get a survey done to check the mixed lane feasibility in nine different corridor-routes of wall city before they start the work for the third phase of Proposed BRTS in the city.

Till now BRTS has been operating in many cities on a dedicated corridor and has been successful in many cities of the world. However, in old city are where space for dedicated corridor is not possible, it plans to run it on mixed lanes.

The third phase of BRTS will cover South, South east and Central zone of the city. Majority of the nine corridors made for this phase are highly congested areas of the old walled city. The corridors include Railway station to Chowk Bazar via Rajmarg and here it is impossible to provide dedicated corridor for BRTS.

“We are getting the mixed lane feasibility survey done to check if it is possible to run BRTS with other vehicles.” said an official from BRTs cell of SMC.

It must be remembered that Surat has a planning of 100 KM of BRTs in three phases. However, running behind schedule, only the first phase of 30 km is on the verge of completion at present and fully operative by March 2015 . The work for the second phase is going on at number of places and 35 km of this phase is not likely to be completed and operative before the start of 2017 .

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