A Sign Board Typo,”Mukherjee” written as “Murkhjee”.

A Signboard indicating the direction of the road along with its name is a viral sensation in social media. A video uploaded by some social worker of that region points out the grave mistake that has been done on the board.

In the Katargaam area of Surat, a Sign board indicating the direction to Dr.Shyamprasad Mukherjee road was named as Dr.Shyamprasad Murkhjee. In Gujarati, Murkh means mad which changes the whole meaning of the name. This type of typo diminishes the respect of the great personalities whose names are written on the sign board. One social worker after seeing this carelessness of the MANPA, decided to bring the matter to rest of the public. He said that Mother tongue has been made a joke by this administration and no steps have been taken to modify it.

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