Sexual Maniac Molests A 2-Year-Old Girl, Girl Saved by Vigilant Neighborhood.

Sexual Maniac tried to fulfill his sexual desire by molesting a two-year-old innocent girl. However, one of the youth in the neighborhood saw this and the sexual maniac ran away from the scene.

A couple from Maharashtra was working on a contract based job for Surat traffic police crane and their daughter was playing in their home alone in the Punagaam area of Surat. Seeing this a sexual maniac decided to take benefit of this situation. He started molesting the young girl. When a youth from the resident saw this he ran away. The young girl was shifted to SMIMER for medical inspection and the girl was molested but not raped. Her parents registered a complaint in the Punagaam police Station and police have started investigating the matter and they are trying to catch the accused sexual maniac.

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