Secret of Priyanka Chopra’s amazing figure

No doubt Priyanka Chopra is most versatile actress with amazing acting skills plus burning hot body.

You might be thinking what kind of diet she must be following to maintain such hot body.

We have bring you the diet followed by Priyanka Chopra

1)Priyanka Chopra doesn’t diet at all 

She eats whatever comes her way. But here’s the catch. Her food intake is limited and follows a measure. She is perhaps the only actor who is seen eating pizzas and hotdogs. Her metabolism is superfast after years of work out and she doesn’t need to care.priyanka-chopra

2)She works out like a pro

This is the cheat. She will always work out very hard to ensure that all the calories that have gone in, are burnt out during exercises.


3)She ensures her protein intake

She always ensures that her protein intake is constant.



4)She won’t have sugary drinks for sure

This is one thing that Priyanka won’t touch. You will never see her drinking out of cola cans.Priyanka-Chopra-Exotic-ft-Pitbull-Photos


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