Schools Without Parking Facility Would Be a Crime

Surat is facing traffic bottle neck during the pick hour of schools and job. Sometimes situation gets too worst that the jam takes 2-3 hours to release near the premises of schools which creates problems for citizen because of the mismanagement of the management regarding parking facilities. We have witnessed school bus parked out side school during the IN and OUT time of Students just because schools does not have well parking Management.

A meeting was held  by the  MLA of surat Mr. Harsh Sanghvi with the Various School Management of Athwa Zone regarding the traffic caused by the school bus, van, Auto and the vehicles of the Parents during OUT time of students which creates many problems along with traffic for the nearby Residences and other people passing from there too. If schools or colleges manages to facilitate parking in their compound then traffic jam problem can be solved. Taking it into consideration it is decided that  Schools Without Parking Facility in their compound within 15 days will be penalize or charged a crime. The penalties for the crime it is not decided yet.

Schools Attendee In Meeting: Convent, Lancer Army, Saint Thomas English Medium school, S.D. Jain Modern School, SPB and V.T. Chokshi College, Luthra College, Scet College, Wadia Women College, Seventh day school, Radiant school,  Vanita Vishram School and College, P.R khatiwala School, L.P savani and DPS.

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