School boy beaten badly for not bringing assignments

In udhna patelnagar society, A school named gurukipa had witnessed a major incident where the student was badly punished and was ordered to stand on the bench for hours and was beaten badly with the foot ruler due to which there was huge chaos.

Due to not bringing of assignments and study materials in the school more than 2 students were beaten badly and the impressions were left on their body. After this incident there was huge chaos in the school.

The student named shyam nareshbhai chauhan is studying in gurukrupa school in 5th std.

His father is the embroidery worker . On Tuesday he didn’t brought the assignments and the teacher named Mr. Avinashbhai got angry on him badly.

He has beaten badly to 2 to 4  students with the foot ruler and there left the marks on students body.Afterwards Mr. Avinash apologise for the same.


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