Bad News For Surti Kite Lovers

We Surti people are fond of festivals. The way we celebrate the festivals are unique in world. Among all the festivals Uttrayan is the favorite of many of  us. People get on the terrace early in the morning with the breakfast like locha and khaman. As the day passes by the celebration moves to Undhiyu along with the kites. And what we do in the Eve of the Uttrayan is remarkable. Our celebration still goes on after sunset with Chinese balloon. But there is a twist for this Uttrayan. We may not able to fly  Chinese balloon this year as its bit risky as huge number of balloons are flying in the air; which may cause fire trouble for the city and industries. High Court has already issued orders to the police commissioner about it. So let see if Surti kite lovers can find another alternative harmless celebration or not??

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