Revealed: What made Yuvraj Hit 6 sixes 9 years ago?

Reveals what Andrew Flintoff said to provoke the Indian player which made Yuvraj Hit 6 sixes in an over.

Rewind to 2007. We all remember the epic over when Yuvraj Hit 6 sixes against Stuart Broad in the World T20. But there was a precursor to that event.

Just before that over, Yuvraj and Andrew Flintoff had a confrontation on the field, and now the southpaw has come out with what was said. In a recent interview he revealed the details.

In an interview with former Bollywood actress Simi Garewal for Star World, Yuvi had revealed the exact words which were exchanged between the two cricketers. The southpaw refused to speak the derogatory words which were used by both of them.

Recalling the incident, Yuvi said Flintoff told him, “Those were ____ ridiculous shots, because I had hit him for two boundaries in that over. I said _____ you.

Then he said, excuse me.

I said you heard what I said.

And he said I will cut your throat off.

I said you see this bat in my hand.

You know where I gonna hit you with this bat?”

When asked whether the heated exchange of words charged him up, the flamboyant left-hander said, “It got me really worked up. The man to suffer was Stuart Broad as his next over was carted for 36 runs. Yuvraj Hit 6 sixes which demolished the morale of the Englishmen. He eventually made 58 off 16 balls as India amassed 218/4. They won the game by 18 runs.

Yuvraj added: “I was really angry and I just wanted to hit every ball out of the ground, just give it back. Sometimes, it’s good for you. Sometimes, it backfires. But on that day I think it backfired them.”


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