Rander’s Ramadan Iftar Menu Rocks Indore

While the rest of Surat heads towards Rander to relish its Rangooni fare during Ramazan, the locals at Rander — Burma’s diaspora of Muslim traders now settled here — break their holy fast post the Tarabi Namaaz with special homemade preparations.

“Our iftar meals after the evening prayers differ from the rest of Surat’s cuisine. We prepare dry fruit murghi, which is an entire chicken stuffed with spicy meat, whole hard boiled eggs and rich dried fruits in it. Served like a thanksgiving turkey, it is stitched up and cooked in its juice with basting. We slice it open at the dining table,” says Pathan Imran Zahir Khan, manager of Nakhuda Nasta Centre that serves commercial Rangooni fare like khowsuey at Teen batti, Jehangirpura.

Other homemade savoury fare includes Nargisi kebabs, which are egg wrapped delicacies within which is enveloped succulent buffalo beef minced with home ground spices and Mumtaz.

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