Posters and Hoardings Torn Apart, Indirect Message to Ruling party.

In Varacha, the Epicentre of the Patidar Anamat Andolan, a rally is being organized to welcome the newly elected president of youth wing of BJP. On the eve of this rally, many hoardings and other related materials were destroyed. In addition to this, a banner related to Patidar Anamat Andolan was also seen.

In the honor of newly elected president Dr. Rutvij Patel of youth wing in BJP, a bike rally is to be organized fromSalthana toGadhodara. Banners and hoardings were installed alongside the route by BJP.  This Boardings and arch were seen to be destroyed and were lying on the road.

The Patidar youth were seen once again blaming BJP for playing politics to harm the ANAMAT Andolan. They accused of BJP of fielding their very own Patidar leaders against them to halt the ANAMAT Andolan.

One banner related to this ANAMAT Andolan was also seen, mentioning that beware while entering this place because big ones have also failed. This type of banner naturally increases the chances of Scuffle.


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