Police raid in Udhna railway station

The city police blame authorities of railway police for country liquor delivery into the city. City police seized 180 liters of country liquor close to the railway line at Udhna on Thursday after the raid. Preliminary investigation revealed the 180 liters of country liquor was belonging to bootlegger Ramu. He was declared wanted and was not caught yet.

As per the source, the raid was taken by the Surat city police commissioner after getting a tip from the resources. The whole operation is carried out secretly.The whole responsibility of the raid was to take by the Limbyat police commissioner. As the judiciary belongs to Udhna railway police. The whole report is given to him. The investigation shows that the liquor belongs to bootlegger Ramu. Police also get shocked by knowing the liquor belongs to Ramu, search operation is carried out to arrest Ramu.

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