“Patidars are not Property of Some Political Party” – Hardik.

According to the order of the High court, Hardik Patel has to notify his presence at the crime branch office in the case related to the treason against the nation. After signing, he gave an interview to the press. He was asked to react on the current situation relating to the egg thrown on the rally and the beating of Vijay Mangukiya. Hardik replied that in this democracy, ink is thrown on Chief Ministers also and slippers are seen flying in LokSabha, because anyone is entitled to oppose. But no one is entitled to beat anyone who is opposing.
He further added that he will go to visit the hospital where Vijay Mangukiya has been recovering. After his meeting with Vijay in the hospital, he said to media that if police do not take any action before 7th February, against the people who beat Vijay Mangukiya, they will protest before the police station. He said that we are not goons but we are just the people who are opposing in the boundary of democracy. Patidars are not Property of Some political Party.


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