Parents gathered at S D Jain School

The state government has set up a special guideline on fee disbursements in private schools. However, parents were presented with various questions regarding being included in fee based on the SD-Jain school at Vesu. Parents decided to swoop to the Deo and the clerk. And if steps are not taken, the guardians will be asked to provide shocking and shocking programs.

Against the rules of government in the SD Jain School in the Vesu area, a fee of 16 months to 30 thousand is being taken for three months. The last date for filing of this fee is on April 25. So the guardians voiced the voice against the government’s guidance line against the school’s ascendancy. And today more than 500 parents have gathered in the school premises. And started a signature campaign.

Parents today said that they do not get the facility to start the generator from the school premises, do not start the donations, development fees, fees, snacks, swimming, skating, and school fees. Also, the preparations for the clerk and the DEO were prepared. And if they did not take action, the chimney guardians offered to shake up the shocking events in the coming days


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