Over Bridge Under Construction, Misused By Some Notorious Residents of Surat.

An Overbridge is under construction that connects Airport and the VIP road. Construction is on the verge of completion and after few days it would be open for use. Corporator Somnath Marathe, Suresh Kansagara were seen inspecting the construction site. Some the works like Overbridge carpeting, Reflector on road, Colorwork, Drainage system, the white marks on road etc are remaining which can be completed in few days.

However, some of the Notorious citizens insisted on riding the Over bridge. When stopped they started verbally accusing and took a ride on the Over bridge. Corporator has now warned such citizens to beware of the crime they are committing and told them to use over the bridge only when the work is completed. Demands would be made before Corporators of BJP that strict criminal action should be taken against this notorious citizens.

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