Once again a Shameful Incident, Belittles the title Mother.

One foetus believed to be of five months was found near a dustbin in the Pandesara area. People were seen expressing resentment for the mother who has committed this act. The locals informed the police about this event. When Police arrived at the scene, a tussle of judiciary area was seen between them. People were amazed to see the confusion between the police officials due to the judiciary area restriction. The gathered locals were expressing resentment towards the mother of foetus. They urged the police officials to take some strict measures against the mother.
According to the information provide by locals, the incident occurred in the early morning. Passing by people were surprised to see the foetus and they informed the police about this. When police arrived, there was a confusion among them related to judiciary area. When locals decided to inform Police Commissioner, the police officials started acting on the scene and the whole matter was handled afterward.

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