Once Again A Mobile Snatched, Thieves Operate Fearlessly in City.

In the Surat city, the Snatchers are operating fearlessly like there is no police force in the city. An incident has surfaced in which motorcyclist grabbed a Mobile phone from a pedestrian. The Mobile phone that was snatched bears a value of Rs.13000. However, the whole incident was captured on CCTV as usual and Police is trying to find that thieves from the CCTV footage.
The victim was identified as Babulal Haribhai Patel and he was walking by Rangani Party plot when the incident happened. After the thieves snatched the mobile, Babulal started shouting and as a result, people started gathering. The bike riders/snatchers eloped the scene quickly.
Babulal reported the crime to Police officials and police have started the investigation based on the complaint and the CCTV Footage. In the CCTV footage, it can be clearly seen that Babulal was walking by and then bike riders come near him and started snatching the mobile. However, after some struggle by Babulal, thieves were successful in grabbing the phone. They then ran away from the scene. In the footage, it is clear that Babulal tried to chase them but in vain. The police have started their investigation based on this clip.


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