Now Surties will Track Their Bus From Home

Now it will be possible for a passenger to track his bus from his house and start for the bus stop a few minutes before the bus arrives at the bus stop, said Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) commissioner Milind Torwane.

Under the new mass transport system every vehicle will be equipped with vehicle tracking system (VTS). With 200 city buses rolling out and five new routes covering 42 km of city area, mass transport scenario of Surat city is likely to change.

It will be equipped with passenger information system (PIS) and also follow intelligent traffic management system (ITMS).

Under ITMS, SMC will have an app and people across the city will be able to use this app to track the vehicle they intend to travel by.

“Apart from this, passengers will also be able to get information related to specific bus service through SMS, call, display at sheltered bus stops and other means,” said SMC city engineer Jatin Shah.

The new system will be introduced in December 2015. It will follow an automatic fare collection system. Conductors of the city buses will be provided with vending machines and the cheapest fare from destination A to B will be calculated automatically.

Three private contractors will be appointed by the SMC to run the city bus services and each one of them will be given an area to operate.

One big advantage of VTS is that that a driver or contractor will not be able to fool people or SMC.

One of the most common refrains of people is that the bus never arrives on time or stops at the bus stop. These complaints will be redressed and action taken if anything wrong found with VTS installed on each buses.

“We are looking at providing people with the most efficient services possible so that they always choose mass transport,” said Torwane.


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