NGOs Got 250 Calls For Snake Rescue In Two Days In Surat

City-based NGOs working for relief and rescue of animals and birds received over 250 calls for snake rescue from different parts of the city in the last two days.

Frightened residents rang up helpline numbers of the NGOs on spotting poisonous snakes in open grounds, residential societies and farms.

Volunteers said heavy rains had forced snakes and other reptiles to venture out of their burrows. At least 18 species of snakes both venomous and non-venomous including Cobra, Russell’s Viper, Rat Snake, Earth Boa, Trinket, Wolf Snake, Wine Snake and Striped Keel Back were spotted in different parts of the city. “We received over 150 calls from people who had noticed snakes in their surroundings. Volunteers were deployed on the spot to rescue the snakes,” said an activist from NGO Prayas. The NGO has a dedicated team of experts trained to catch and rescue snakes. Its volunteers work closely with the forest department and are scientifically trained to catch snakes.

Usually, the NGOs get calls from areas where there is a construction activity going on, from alongside River Tapi and old farmland areas of north zone in the city.

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