Murdered by unknown people in Pandesara

The incident is taking place on Friday night where four men were attacked by some unknown persons near Kailash Chokadi in Pandesara. Out of four, one is dead and others are shifted to the Civil hospital for the treatment. As soon as the news reached Pandesara police came to spot. The primary investigation shows that the fight took place after bike crashing incident.

After returning from the work Mukesh Ramprasad and his friend were out for getting some tobacco, where the little fight took place between bikers and Mukesh. As the locality people came between, the fight was over.

After sometimes bikers came back with  5 to 6 friends and start attacking Mukesh and his friends with the deadly weapons. As the locality see this they came for the help of Mukesh and his friends, one of the attacker was caught by the people and beaten by the public. The Pandesara police also came to the spot after getting news.

Sailesh who was dead, running a hair salon near to the home. He is the only person who works in the house. 


The Person who attack and caught by the public.

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